Planning to make your kitchen in Mississauga look and feel unique? Its time you opt for window treatments for style, energy efficiency & more.  We all know that a window is just not complete without Window coverings. However in this world of endless options, how would you know which treatment best suits your home, décor & style. The following tips for great kitchen window treatments are sure to provide necessary light and add charm to your living space.


Minimalism is the In Thing; In A Big Way

The kitchen windows are known to provide natural light essential to your well being. The windows are your connection to the outer world. Keeping them uncovered, while not for everyone is definitely in, and that too in a big way. We all know bare windows lead to limited privacy and those looking for increased privacy without compromising minimalism can opt for window films, draperies and shades.


Making The Room Pop With Colour

Shades that are neutral are a perfect option for kitchens, but that shouldn’t mean that adding colour is fully off limits, just that you should stick with current colours. Warm, dark colours can make a large kitchen seem more welcoming, while the light cool colours can make a small kitchen look larger. In a bid to compliment the neutral colours, try mixing them with green, black & gold.


Choose Energy Efficient Designs

Modern shades including plantation shutters, shades and solar shades are designed to be energy efficient. The potential for saving money on heating and cooling cots with energy efficient window treatments is huge. They offer protection from the hazardous effects of UV light.


Planting A Herb Garden

Frankly speaking there is nothing like growing your fresh herbs in the kitchen, which can be planted just inside or outside your window. If you are considering planting a herb garden inside your window, look for blinds which you can easily open to let the natural light in such as plantation shutters or wood blinds.  For proper Screening & colour, it is better to plant taller herb plants just outside your window.