Draperies make a style and statement that is both sophisticated and uniquely personal. The soft, high quality fabric adds refinement and warmth to any room whether it is casual or formal. Getting a custom drapery installed in your home can be a challenging decision for many homeowners. Frankly speaking custom drapery can be costly when compared to ready-to-hang draperies however custom drapery also offers multiple array of  benefits that common draperies do not. Here at H. Sewing Draperies, we want to show you why custom drapery in Toronto can work for you.

 Luxurious Fabrics

At H. Sewing Draperies, you are in control of every aspect of your customized drapes. We use luxurious fabrics that will transform your home into something beautiful. Most ready to hang draperies come in a very limited variety of colors and fabrics. With custom drapery you open up a host of possibilities for settling on a fabric that fits with your taste and preference. By selecting  from a wide array of designer fabrics you can be sure that your drapes will be exactly how you want them.

Size Matters

In addition to selecting the fabric for your custom draperies, H. Sewing Draperies also gives you the ability to select the size needed. Most ready- made draperies come in standard size but not everyone’s windows are the same size nor the ceiling height all the same. With readymade draperies, this is usually not possible because of the incorrect length. Ready to hang drapery might not fit all across your window and this leaves you with the option of never closing your blinds.

Lining works

The lining for drapery is pretty important. If the sun hits the back of your drapery and the drapery is not lined properly, the chances of colour and pattern being distorted are inevitable. This backlighting changes the color of your drapery and the new colour that is created may look different in your room. This backlighting change the color of your drapery and the new colour it produces might appear different from what you intended. However, when you opt for custom drapery in Toronto this concern won’t be something you have to worry about.

When you choose to have custom drapery installed in your home, you are making the decision of not to settle on any of your design choices. With custom drapery, you would be able to decide what exactly works best for your style right from the textiles, the heights and overall designs.